Contraception should always be used when having sex but in the unfortunate event that you have unprotected intercourse, the morning after pill can help. The key factor with this medication is how soon after the event the drug is taken. There are various types of morning after pill available, including Levonelle and EllaOne.

What should I do if I need this pill?

Most of all, you should not panic. As long as the morning after pill is taken up to 3 days after sex, it should prevent an unwanted pregnancy, although no contraceptive can be said to be 100% effective. If you already have an emergency supply of this pill at home, take it immediately. If not, you should obtain the pill as quickly as you can.

Where can I get the morning after pill from?

You can get the pill from a doctor or clinic or order the pill from an online store that offers 24hr delivery.
What happens after I take the pill?
You should not experience any ill affects after taking the pill. However, here are just a few factors that you should be aware of as they may reduce the pill’s overall reliability:

  • Sickness: If you are sick or the pill makes you feel nauseas and you physically vomit, the drug may be removed from your system. Contact a doctor to check if you need to top up your dose.
  • BMI: If your body mass index is high, then certain morning after pills may be more effective. During your medical consultancy your doctor will decide which the most suitable drug for you to use.
  • Other medication: You must also tell your doctor if you are taking any other drugs or homeopathic remedies as mixing certain medications together may cause problems.
  • Medical history: It is important that you inform your doctor of any current health problems. For example, liver or stomach problems, allergies or hormone issues.

Will the pill affect my periods?

If you use the morning after pill rarely, your periods should remain as normal. However, if you do notice differences in your period after taking the pill it is likely due to the medication. Check with a doctor if you are worried.

Can I use the morning after pill on a regular basis?

No, this is for emergency contraceptive use only. If you are aware that you have had unprotected sex you should contact a doctor as soon as you can. You can visit a doctor or G.P. or get online advice. If you are unable to get to a dispensary or clinic then make use of a reliable and safe online ordering service so that you can make use of this pill as soon as possible.
The morning after pill is a reliable and effective drug but must only ever be used as an emergency precaution.

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